Grow your business and help your community

Using Pitch In, your business will be funded by our users to provide your goods and services to those less fortunate within your community.

What is Pitch In?

Pitch In is an app that allows members of the public to donate goods and services from local businesses for those in need within their local community.

How does it work?


Goods & services are donated

Users select products from local businesses and pay to donate them to their local community.


Donated products are redeemed

Those in need can browse and redeem the available donated products in their area. Once redeemed the user will be issued a “redeem ticket” which can be used to claim their donation.


Redeemed products are collected

Redeemed products can be collected in store through the scanning of a QR code ticket that is issued with each redeem ticket.

Why use Pitch In?

Help your community

Joining Pitch In will provide your business with the opportunity to give those less fortunate in your community free access to the goods and services that your business provides without cost to your business's bottom line.

New revenue stream

Pitch In can bring a new wave of customers towards your business leading to increased profits. 100% of all money raised from each donated product is given to your business.

We can achieve this thanks to the UK Government’s Gift Aid Initiative that allows Pitch In to claim an additional 25% on top of all money raised. This additional money can be used to cover our operating costs.

Easy store management

Pitch In offers a simple store management system that makes it quick and painless to add, remove and edit products to your storefront. Additionally, Pitch In offers the ability to group products under custom category labels for better storefront organisation.

Simple tracking system

Pitch In utilises a tracking system for monitoring the progress of each donated product, this way customers who have donated a product can trust that their products will actually be delivered to those in need. Additionally, we withhold the transferring of donation money until this delivery process is complete, this way we can ensure businesses remain incentivised to deliver donated products.

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